The Guardian and Aotearoa/New Zealand – a message

Kia ora,

Aotearoa/New Zealand has always been an important part of the Guardian’s global reporting network and it has become clear that our audience here is well established and wants more. You’ve told us that you value the Guardian’s presence and we’ve listened. Now we’d like to engage with you even further.

As a reader, you most likely receive the International edition of the Guardian’s website. From today there is an added element to that front page – a section for news, features and commentary from and about New Zealand.

This section will be used to showcase the variety of work we do inside New Zealand.

We intend to increase the scope of our journalism here, covering inequality and social justice, Māori affairs, environment and the climate emergency, politics, culture and sport.

The Guardian can invest in its journalism thanks to our unique business model. That model is based on the support of readers and advertisers and, because we don’t answer to shareholders or billionaire owners, we are truly independent.

It’s also important to us that we have no paywall, so that our journalism remains free and open to all, particularly those who can’t afford it.

This latest development is a gentle increase in the scope of our New Zealand reporting. We hope you will be interested in what you see and read.

We also look forward to hearing from you about what you think we should be covering – please send us an email with any tips or thoughts to [email protected]

Meanwhile, if you would like to support our independent journalism and help us continue this vital work, please make a single or ongoing contribution here.