‘Saddest moment’: Bach star’s miscarriage

Former Bachelor contestant Heather Maltman has opened up about the heartbreak of suffering a miscarriage.

The 34-year-old actress and podcast producer from Sam Wood’s season of The Bachelor revealed that she and her partner, photographer Matt Baker, were taking some time away from their ONE podcast to heal after losing their first child together.

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“@baksey01 and I have decided to end the ONE podcast for its first season, And pick it up again in 2020,” Heather wrote on Instagram.

“After the last 2 months. And having to say goodbye to our little person Llewy … We need time to heal.”

“We named you Llewy after the name Lewis from @gogonads and @tonylewis52 … I have gotten over 100 direct messages from women. And Matt has gotten both men and women … sharing an outpour of what they went through. And how scared they are to talk about miscarriage openly.”

She continued that following their difficult journey, they’ve decided to start a new podcast

together where they’ll talk about “all of the things people are too scared to discuss” when it comes to relationships.

The former SCA’s 90.9 Sea FM radio host made the emotional revelation two weeks after she posting a picture from her hospital bed, praising her partner Matt for his support.

Heather shared with fans that while she was in and out of Randwick hospital in Sydney, Matt – her “rock” – never left her side, sleeping on the floor and taking her to the toilet.

She recalled that at the time the photo was taken, it was “one of the saddest moments” of their journey together because it was Matt’s birthday.

“He will wait by my side until I go under. And has been getting minimal sleep. He has been picking up my slack for work. And just been … f***ng everything to me,” Heather said.

In 2016, the former reality star revealed she suffered a miscarriage once before after her partner at the time wasn’t able to buy the morning after pill.

Heather teared up on the program as she told the hosts the pain “still affects” her.

She said the experience “was one of the most crazy moments of my life”.

Heather captured the hearts of Australia back in 2015 when she appeared on The Bachelor season two.

Earlier this year, Heather left her radio gig at SCA’s 90.9 Sea FM to focus on her and Matt’s podcast.