Reflections on a catastrophic week of bushfires – Full Story podcast

Find Lisa Cox’s explainer on what catastrophic bushfire conditions mean and how bushfires and climate change are linked here.

Graham Readfearn has factchecked claims that there is a green conspiracy to stop bushfire hazard reduction.

You can read more about what the former Australian fire chiefs have said on this issue here.

Read Carol Sparks, the mayor of Glen Innes, writing for the Guardian here: We’ve been in bushfire hell in Glen Innes – and the scientists knew it was coming

Climate scientist Ned Haughton wrote his thoughts after returning to his hometown of Bobin after it had been razed by bushfires: A letter to my home town Bobin, burned down in the NSW fires but unvanquished.

You can find full coverage of the bushfires here

Ian Wheeler fights a fire on his neighbour's property in Killabakh, NSW, 13 November 2019.

Photograph: Jessica Hromas/The Guardian