Govt needs to ‘come to its senses’ and order nuclear submarines

Submarines For Australia spokesperson Gary Johnston has urged the federal government to ‘come to its senses’ and renegotiate for nuclear submarines, rather than proceed with its plan to procure redesigned diesel-electrics submarines.

It comes as Australia’s navy chief Vice-Admiral Mike Noonan left the possibility open for having the country’s future submarine fleet powered by nuclear energy, which Mr Johnston said is “a very welcome development”.

“[The defence department] is absolutely silly in not choosing to buy off-the-shelf military hardware that’s tried, tested and proven and comes with a warranty,” he said.

“The French make a pretty good nuclear submarine, and I’m sure they’d be delighted if we woke up to ourselves, came to our senses and simply ordered the French nuclear submarine because it’s already built, it sits on a slipway, and we can have it within 10 years.”

Image: News Corp Australia