Celebrities shower beautiful birthday wishes for Shah Rukh Khan

Almost twenty seven years ago, the Hindi film industry was introduced to a young actor with dreams bigger than anything anyone has ever seen. Shah Rukh Khan, the name itself writes like an inspirational story of hard work and dedication. Years later, SRK is the rightful reigning King of Bollywood and there is nothing that the man cannot achieve with his unprecedented charm and wit. 

As he turns 54 today, celebrities took to their social media to share small anecdotes or stories about SRK with lovely wishes for the man. It is when you read these beautiful posts that you realise that Shah Rukh Khan has touched many hearts, be it with his movies, the way he leads his life as a superstar or simply as an inspiration for many young actors to get to the top. 

With many heartfelt and personal messages, social media is flooded with praises for SRK and we’re listing them all down here for you. Scroll through to feel the love and charm of the biggest superstar in the country.