The Next Generation of Aussie Influencers You Need to Follow

These days it’s certainly hard to imagine a world without influencers. The rise of the Instagram influencer has simply dominated the last half of this decade, and the popularity of social media stars is showing no signs of slowing down as we prepare to enter the 2020s.

In fact, if one thing is for certain about the future of social media, we’re betting it’s that influencers will continue to command our attention and of course, inspire us to hit that follow button.

We know we certainly can’t get enough of the fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle content many of our home-grown influencers have been offering up. As influencing becomes a more and more appealing and accessible career path, several young, savvy and undeniably cool Australian women have jumped on board. If all goes to plan, we’ve got the feeling this next generation of influencers will be the ones to watch throughout the next decade and beyond.

Check out all the latest and greatest Aussie Instagram influencers you need to follow below.