The New MAFS Trailer Has Dropped and We’re Already Hooked

Just when we thought we were about to experience Married at First Sight related withdrawals, the first trailer for the show’s seventh season has dropped.

After a long seven months without Australia’s most popular reality TV dating show, we have been officially introduced to eight of the brides and grooms we will be getting to know in 2020.

Of those named, we meet Mishel, Connie, Aleksandra, Mikey, Poppy, David, Tash and Chris. Unfortunately for us, naming some of the future contestants was about as specific the cryptic trailer got. Once the cast were identified, the trailer depicted them entering the ‘Tunnel of Love’. From there, one couple was shown embracing will levitating off the ground, breaking through the roof and twirling into the sky. Well, we certainly can’t accuse the producers of being uncreative!

One of the questions regarding the season that the trailer left unanswered is whether the rumours of Elizabeth Sobinoff’s return are indeed true. After having had a rather disastrous experience on this year’s season, it would certainly make sense if Elizabeth was in fact granted a second chance by being included among the upcoming cast.

While we still have a couple of months to wait until season seven officially premieres, it’s safe to say we’ll have this abstract trailer on repeat in the meantime.

Check out the trailer in full below.