The Most Memorable Aussie TV Moments of the Decade

It’s safe to say the 2010s were certainly one interesting decade in Australian TV. From clips that went viral worldwide to simply next level reality TV shenanigans, there were several moments throughout the years that can be described as simply unforgettable. In order to memorialise the decade that was, we’ve compiled a list of all the most ‘OMG’ moments from the last 10 years.

Keep reading for all the most memorable Aussie TV moments of the decade.



Offspring 4x12 - Patrick's Death
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It’s hard to think of an Aussie TV character’s death that devastated fans more than Patrick’s on Offspring. Nina Proudman’s beloved partner and soon-to-be baby daddy Patrick tragically lost his life after having been hit by a car, and it’s safe to say viewers were just as distraught over it as if he had been a real person. The outcry after the episode went to air was immediate, and to this day it is still considered one of the most memorable TV deaths ever, not just from this decade.

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Jimmy Kimmel Jokes About Amber Sherlock and Julie Snook Outburst

While it’s safe to say ‘Jacketgate’ is one memorable TV moment, it had never been supposed to go to air in the first place. Rather, someone from within Channel Nine leaked the now infamous footage of news presenters Amber Sherlock and Julie Snook having a pre-segment conversation that was, well, a little intense. Within the clip, Amber certainly appeared to have a strong opinion over Julie wearing the same colour shirt as her for the broadcast. Upon asking her to put on a jacket in order to avoid matching, #Jacketgate was born. So captivated were audiences by the saga that it ended up making it to international TV, including Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Shock Decision

“He’s obviously in a really lost place” -- Soph & Britt debrief after Nick’s massive decision.

Posted by The Bachelor Australia on Thursday, October 4, 2018

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While The Bachelor has certainly had many memorable moments over its last six years on air, it’s fair to say none have been quite so shocking as when Nick Cummins chose. . . well, no one. That’s right, in an unprecedented move, Nick opted to continue his relationship with neither of the two finalists after the show. As much as audiences were flabbergasted by the decision, most agree now that it was the right decision if he truly couldn’t see a future with either of them. On the plus side, the incident led to the sweet scene of co-runners up Brittany and Sophie comforting each other.

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Martha pours wine on Cyrell | MAFS 2019
at First Sight’s Martha Pouring Wine on Cyrell (2019)”,”intro_text”:false,”body”:”


It’s safe to say Married at First Sight Australia has gotten more and more dramatic with each season that has aired. However, 2019’s edition was simply next level. From Ines and Sam’s cheating scandal to well, Jess and Dan’s cheating scandal, it was certainly never short of hijinks. However, perhaps the most memorable moment of any season was then the tension that had been brewing between the big personalities of Cyrell and Martha finally exploded with Martha pouring her red wine all over Cyrell. As disconcerting as it is to see such inappropriate behaviour play out on TV, it certainly was a scene that got the whole of Australia talking.



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