The First Couple to Kiss on Love Island Have Already Parted Ways

We may only be two episodes in to 2019’s edition of Love Island Australia, but we have already witnessed the rise and fall of one of the show’s seemingly strongest couples.

Yep, the pair that shared the very first kiss of the season have already called it quits.

You see, Maurice and Jessie appeared to be going strong until she got an inkling that his main motivation for going on the show was fame rather than, you know, finding love. Considering the allegations that emerged today that Maurice ‘dumped’ his ex girlfriend in order to go on the show, we can’t help but feel like Jessie’s gut instinct may be correct.

On top of her concerns about his motivations, Jessie also felt that Maurice repeatedly put words in her mouth and that he struggled to listen. On the flip side, Maurice argued that Jessie was “uncomfortable with communication.”

“I don’t think you’re comfortable with the truth,” he concluded, effectively ending the conversation. As if this wasn’t uncomfortable enough, it was once the pair had separated that they really let their less than flattering opinions of each other loose.

“Sitting there listening to him talk is like nails on a chalkboard. . . it’s honestly driving me insane,” said Jessie, meanwhile Maurice said he was glad he had seen “through the facade” that he deemed to be Jessie’s behaviour.

“I saw what she’s really like. . . I’m just grateful that I’m not with her anymore,” he said. Yikes! Well it’s safe to say there is certainly no love lost between these two.

Check out their icy interaction in full below.

nMaurice and Jessie’s Uncomfortable Chat

Uncomfortable being the key word here ud83dude05

Posted by Love Island Australia on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

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