Edwina Bartholomew Welcomes a Baby Girl!

It’s going to be an extra special Christmas for Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholemew and her husband Neil Varcoe this year, after Edwina gave birth to their first child together on Wednesday night. Talking to 7, she described the newborn as “late like her Mum, tall like her Dad and already an early riser”. A baby girl named Molly, Edwina had kept the bub’s gender a secret throughout her pregnancy, opting to be surprised instead.

“It’s an interesting debate because Neil wants to find out and I don’t,” she said while announcing the news on Sunrise back in June. “Nah, I don’t want a gender reveal,” she added when her co-hosts offered to throw a gender reveal party for their “Sunrise baby”. Still, Eddy said at the time that the happy couple were “super stoked” and that their families were “really excited” for them, sharing that her mum had been “bursting at the seams to tell everyone”. Molly is the couple’s first child together.