Attention Blockheads: Here’s Exactly When The Block 2019 Finale Will Air

After 14 gruelling weeks, the finale of this season of The Block is finally just around the corner. Having spent over three months following all the highs and lows that come with the competition, it’s safe to say we’re practically dying to know the results of auction.

So, when exactly will the final episode screen? Luckily for all of us Blockheads, it is now just mere few sleeps away. That’s right, the finale of The Block 2019 will air on Sunday November 10, meaning it is less than a week until we get to see the fruits of each team’s labour.

After such a fierce competition throughout the season, we’re betting it’s going to be a close race amongst the teams to see whose property sells for the most above its reverse price at the auction.

Considering the winning pair will nab an extra $100,000 on top of whatever amount their property sells for, we think it’s certainly a prize worth fighting for.