After Tonight’s Date, We Think Angie Kent May Just Be Ready to “Take a Gamble” on Timm Hanly

It’s safe to say there’s never been a Bachelorette contestant quite like Timm Hanly before. The loveable larrikin has managed to charm not only Angie, but all of us Bachie fans too. Yep, there’s no doubt Timm is unashamedly himself, in all his quirky, offbeat glory. Throughout the season, it seemed the only roadblock for Timm and his chances of winning was Angie’s skepticism over whether he is ready to settle down. However, that may just have all changed during their final three date tonight.

Right from the beginning of their date, Angie admitted that the “biggest lunatic” of all the men had made it to her top three. Not to be mistaken as an insult, she went on to elaborate that she views herself and Timm as “two weirdos falling for each other.” Describing him as “the gift it keeps on giving,” it was plain to see the pair couldn’t have been having a better time as they painted together. However, Angie was still questioning how serious Timm is, and took the opportunity to broach the subject with him once they reached the evening portion of the date.

“This is heavy, but I have to ask how serious you are,” she began, “you’re my biggest gamble, but I’m the most drawn to you, which frightens me.”

Although it would be easy to assume that Timm may have been thrown by Angie describing him as a ‘gamble,” it seems he knew exactly the way to put her mind at ease (at least for now).

“Going into anything relationship is a gamble at the end of the day,” he said, “relationships don’t always work, and there’s no guarantee, but one thing I can guarantee is 100 per cent I will do anything it takes to make it work.”

“I want you to know that I am falling for you, and that’s why I’m willing to do anything.”

Suitably impressed, Angie was left pondering whether she should go for “safe”, or if she should choose Timm who she has “crazy chemistry” with.

“Love at any stage of your life is a gamble, but sometimes in life you’ve got to roll the dice, and I think I’m 100 per cent worth it,” Timm concluded. Look, after this date, we’re pretty certain Angie agrees.

Check out a snippet of the date below.

Timm and Angie’s overnight date

Timm and Angie are the best kind of weirdos, but will it be enough for a future together?

Posted by The Bachelorette Australia on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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