US man admits marrying 4 women

When Michael Middleton married Alicia Grant,she thought she’d found her life partner.

The problem was he was already married, and not only to one woman.

It turned out that Middleton, 43, had married a Georgia, US, woman in 2006, and an Alabama, US, woman in 2011, before he marriedGrant inNew Hampshire, US,in 2013.

That led to abigamy charge in New Hampshire, but according to court documents, he also married a fourth woman in Kentucky in 2016.Prosecutors say he used the marriages to gain access to the women’s assets.

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Alicia Grant, whomarried Middleton in New Hampshireafter meeting him on the Internet, said he was the kind of guy who “makes you feel special,” as she previously toldWMTW 8.

But he also wanted her to buy a lot of things for him, she said.”He makes you feel like he actually cares about you,” Grant told WMTW 8. “And then he marries you, abuses you, drains your assets and leaves.”

Michael Middleton has admitted marrying a series of women in the US.


Michael Middleton has admitted marrying a series of women in the US.

Middleton was arrested in Ohio in February. He also has faced domestic violence charges in Maine.

In court on Monday, assistant Strafford County attorney Michael Rotman read a statement from Grant, who blamed Middleton for her transformation from a compassionate person to someone with a “not-my-problem”attitude.

She said she was “satisfied”that he was facing consequences for his actions.

“When we got married six years ago, what I thought I had found in him was a life partner, someone that I could face life’s ups and downs with, someone my children could look up to,” Grant wrote.

“Instead I got six years of pain and misery as I tried to free myself from the prison of his lies and manipulations.”

As part of his 12-month suspended sentence, Middleton was ordered to undergo screenings for domestic abuse and substance abuse, and comply with any recommended counselling or programs.

Neither he nor his attorney spoke at the hearing other than to answer brief questions from the judge.

After the hearing, Middleton was asked if he was sorry for his actions. He told reporters he felt “compassion and understanding” for Grant, after hearing her letter.

“It was a good outcome,” he said. “I hope to move forward with my life and everything, and abide by everything that was handed down to me.”