Six moments in Europe where you can live life to its fullest


No one tells you about the moments. When you first arrive in Europe you’re ready for the history of this amazing continent, you expect the tiny, charming old towns and the cities filled with world-famous buildings and monuments. You know, too, about the culture, about the food, about the wine, about the art and the language.

What you probably aren’t ready for, however, are the moments of perfection that await within, the instants when you realise that everything has come together, that you’re living life to its fullest, embracing local culture and traditions and experiencing everything this place has to offer in the perfect way. And the best thing about these moments is that they happen again and again when you know where to look for them.

Namedy Castle, Germany

The location: There are few music venues quite as beautiful and memorable as Namedy Castle, the 14th-century mansion set near Germany’s Rhine River. Namedy is owned and cared for by Princess Heide von Hohenzollern, who has spent the best part of three decades restoring the castle to its former glory, while also transforming it into a host for recitals of classical music.

The moment: You’re wandering the grounds of a gorgeous European castle. You’re taking in the beauty of the gardens, the building itself set against a slowly darkening sky, a cocktail party of people in their finest attire in full swing. Then begins a classical piano recital, featuring some of the Europe’s best-known pieces, in one of the castle’s elegant halls. This APT Signature Experience is what life is all about.

Vienna City Palace, Austria

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The moment: Picture attending a lavish cocktail party at the City Palace, before sitting down to an orchestral performance of masterpieces composed by Austrian prodigies Mozart and Strauss, as well as music from members of the Mozart Boys’ Choir. This APT Signature Experience is the sort of thing you’ll remember for a lifetime: beautiful music in a beautiful place.

Grand Empress Steam Train, Hungary