John Oliver calls out Hilary’s ‘giggling gaffe’ on US TV

Hilz Baz made it to US prime-time television on Sunday night when Last Week Tonight with John Oliver aired her famous giggling gaffe filmed on The Paul Henry show two years ago.

While co-anchoring the show, Barry burst into tears of laughter upon reading the morning headlines which included the phrase “emergency defecation situation.”

Hilary Barry laughing uncontrollably on The Paul Henry Show in 2016. Photo / YouTube

However, following that story she had to read about how a Somalian plane blast killed a person on board and didn’t quite manage to regain her composure in time.

John Oliver showed the unfortunate clip during a segment of his show called ‘Oh no, that was entirely the wrong tone for the story you were reporting.’

While it may not have been a stellar moment for Hils’ reporting career, it did give the popular US host – and his audience – a laugh, just like it did for us.

Love it, Hilary! We are not all perfect – but you are pretty darn close.

Watch below:

Hilary Barry cracks up during the news