Global hotel discounts with STA


Slash up to 65 per cent off the price of hotels across Asia, Europe, the US, Latin America and South Africa with a worldwide sale from STA Travel.

In Thailand, the four-star resort the Old Phuket is less than half price with seven nights from $190, Hong Kong’s the Harbour Grand Kowloon has up to 20 per cent off with three nights from $299 and Fiji Beach Escape has a stay five, pay four deal from $349.

In Europe, Hotel Nardizzi in Rome is offering a stay three, pay two deal, starting from $113, and Nadia Hotel in Amsterdam is offering 10 per cent off, with three nights from $199. And in the US, there’s 15 per cent off Banana Bungalow LA with three nights at $174, while in Latin America the Millhouse Hipo Hostel in Buenos Aires is offering four nights from $66.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s Ashanti Gardens in Cape Town has stay three, pay two deals, starting from $87. Phone 134 782. See

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