Federal election 2019: tax and health battles at centre stage – politics live

It’s the fifith full day of campaigning, and if you feel like it already has a groundhog feel to it, well, I’m sorry.

But there are 32 days to go.

Last night’s episode of Four Corners is sure to raise questions about the Sharrouf children. Scott Morrison has previously said he will not risk Australian lives to bring them home, which is understandable, but the children are Australian citizens.

Anyone who saw the reunion between the kids and their grandmother Karen Nettleton will know just how much emotion surrounds this case. Today both leaders are sure to face questions about just what Australia should do in this harrowing case.

On the domestic front, the battle for the hearts and minds of voters when it comes to health continues. Labor has announced $200m for free pathology tests as it continues to drag the government into its preferred territory of Medicare, forcing the government to react to each of the opposition’s policies while continuing to fight off what it sees as a Mediscare 2.0 campaign.

For its part the government is trying to keep the focus on tax, releasing calculations for a range of professions, including those considered traditional Labor voters, to back its claim that workers earning more than $40,000 will be better off in 2024-25 under the Coalition’s plan.

Meanwhile, Labor is just gearing up with its own attack on Peter Dutton, taking every opportunity to remind Victorian voters that he was very almost prime minister. Dutton might be a boon for the Coalition in WA, but he’s the exact opposite in Victoria. So far, the fight for his own seat of Dickson is keeping Dutton fairly contained within his electorate’s boundaries, with the Liberals trying to work out how, if any way, they will use the home affairs minister in their campaign.

But today the campaign will all be competing with the heartbreaking scenes of Notre Dame burning.

We’ll keep you up to date with the blow by blow of the day, so keep checking back. If only to see if I am still standing.


Let’s get into it.