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When you create new Customer Cards there are some defaults that you set in the Preferences such as the Terms.

Otherwise a new card should open like this;

Selling Detail defaults.PNG

“Is it correct, we cannot change the system default for any of these 5 fields?

  1. default invoice layout = item — system default is service – the default is “no default” you need to choose the most used layout yourself.
  2. default freight tax code = Z — system default is S – Z is not a Tax Code in 2019.1 the default in the Chart of Accounts would be N-T but you should change it to GST and on new Customer Cards it should be GST.
  3. default Invoice delivery mode = E (emailed — system default is Print – there is no default for Invoice delivery until after you have set the default invoice layout then it is the last used for that layout.
  4. default Item Price = C — system default is base – Yes the default is always base selling price
  5. default Payment method = EFTPOS — system default is blank – Correct the default is blank you must set this yourself.”

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