We’re Crying Too, ‘Cause None of the Original MAFS Couples Are Together

If Married at First Sight star Troy Delmege is to be believed — and for the record, we think he is — it looks like we’ll have to start mending our broken reality TV hearts, with reports that not one of the original couples has remained together.

Speaking on Nova100 on Thursday, Troy admitted that none of the couples are together except for he and Carly, and Tracey and Sean — the only two pairs who weren’t matched by the experts but instead paired themselves up.

This of course means that couples Telv and Sarah and John and Melissa, whom we had such high hopes for, are no longer together. Devastating. Same goes for Patrick and Charlene, though their waning commitment to each other towards the end of the season had us questioning the strength of their bond before Troy dropped his bombshell.

On social media, the couples have been super quiet about their supposed relationships, which says a lot — in this case, we don’t think the old adage that “no news is good news” rings true. The only couple to confirm their split so far is Charlene, who took to Instagram to thank Patrick for their wild ride on the show and cleared up their relationship status in the process. “[Patrick] we did so well, what an amazing team we were! Thank you for this incredible ride — looking forward to a lifetime of friendship.”

As for Telv and Sarah and John and Melissa, we need closure. What happened? Where did it all go wrong? And what can we do to get them back together? We’ll continue asking these questions until we have the answers we need — ’til then we’ll be eating ice-cream out of the tub.