This Dating Podcast Hosted By Thinkergirls’ Stacey June Is Giving Us All The Feels

Dating is hard — we all know that by now. Whether it’s as simple as finding one in a sea of Tinder matches or managing to lock down a legit relationship, the world of singledom sure is a bumpy ride.

With that being said, new four-episode podcast series ‘What Men Want: Decoding The Modern World’, hosted by Thinkergirls’ Stacey June, is bang-on. It’s what’s necessary for help letting people down gently and deciphering elusive text messages. You’re not alone!

The 20-minute episodes cover everything from modern lols and struggles of dating today, to the power of friendship, office politics (would you ever hook up with a co-worker? and, importantly, why it can be damn powerful to be single. Basically, there’s bound to be something that kicks you in the feels, all while offering some sage advice from everyday people who have lived and breathed the #drama.

Listen for yourself below or on iTunes here!